Get a custom board for just £50 more than the regular RRP

Custom Stance Widths & Angles

Standard footpad spacing or stance angles not suitable to your height, weight or riding style?

All design work and manufacturing is conducted in-house. This means that we are able to offer you the option of different stance widths and angles. We’re able to offer inline inserts, offset inserts and even insert spacing to suit your favourite pair of boots that aren’t made any more!

Custom Board Flex

We are passionate about making boards that suit everyone.

We know that riding is a very personal experience. Whilst some prefer a board that is more stiff and has more pop, others prefer a board that is more flexible, softer and forgiving.

With years of mechanical engineering experience under our belts we are able to design a custom flex pattern for you. Our knowledge of composite materials allows us to alter the board at the base level, tailoring the use of composite materials to obtain make a completely unique, one-off board just for you.

Custom Graphics

Be unique!

Send us your front and rear graphics and we’ll make you a one of a kind board.

You have the option of choosing your board shape and construction from our full kiteboard or wakeboard range.

How It Works

Email us your custom board request at with as much information as possible, including:

  1. Board size, eg: 136×41
  2. Choose your base board construction from our standard range:
    1. Rip Tide
    2. Rip Tide Carbon
    3. Flare
    4. Flare Carbon
  3. Footpad/boot inserts arrangement – in-line or offset
  4. Stance width (if you have any preference, otherwise we will use our standard spacing)

We will generate an invoice and send you a copy of our board template for you to design your own graphic.

Once payment is made, please email us your custom graphic and we will do the rest!

Boards with custom graphics take 5 working days to manufacture from confirmation of artwork.  After you send us your graphics we will send you a proof for your approval prior to manufacture.  We will, however, do our best to build it sooner depending on the demand in the workshop.

Please note:

  1. For companies requiring branding or a logo on the board, please contact us prior to ordering. We reserve the right to use our logo on boards with custom graphics, however this will be finalised during the design process.
  2. We need both a front and rear graphic*
  3. We print using the CMYK colour model. Printed colours may vary slightly since all devices display colour differently and the graphics will be printed using sublimation inks.  We will do our best to match the colours in your design accurately.
  4. The graphic template shape should be used as a guideline only since the shape of the final graphic will vary depending on the board shape that you choose.
  5. All graphics must be saved in CMYK format with a minimum resolution of 300DPI.
  6. Please follow the guidelines provided on the template and ensure there is no board outline/shape in your final image as this will be sent to our printers.
    If possible, save your graphic in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (AI or PS) format. If this is not an option, we can accept JPEG or PNG as long as the resolution remains high. Note: You can also download and save a copy of our board template by clicking here (Please note you will need a pdf viewer installed on your computer to view and download the template).