The Mutant concept is not entirely new, in fact it has been around since the early days of kitesurfing where such boards have been manufactured in sheds by enthusiasts looking for something different and a bit special.

Fast forward 15 years, we have teamed up with one of these first enthusiasts, Bob Evans, to remodel the mutant concept and develop the modern Mutant.

Bob is one of the most experienced kitesurfers in the UK and has been kitesurfing since the sport started with experience on any board you can think of.

The Mutant is not a true twintip or directional but a fun, versatile, freeride board with an assymetrical shape and an advanced rocker profile that can be mutated to suit the riding conditions and your riding style on the day.  Be it jumping, surfsytle, high speed boosting or high speed riding, this board can be easily setup to get the most fun out of your session.

It features a hybrid composite construction incorporating aerospace grade carbon fibre and fibreglass to create the perfect stiffness for maximum response. The advanced rocker has been designed for boosting coupled with a quad fin setup for maximum bite at launch.  The nose design handles chop with ease.

The footpad position can change from a standard twintip to a rearward stance with the rearmost stance being great for those looking to get insane air.

There are so many ways you can ride this board, a few of which are below:

  • Mutant Style – rear footpad position, 45mm quad fins on tail, 30mm fins on nose.  This results in a fun, versatile ride.
  • Directional Style – rear footpad position, 75mm to 100mm quad fins on tail, remove fins on nose.   This will ride extremely well in one direction and return upwind toeside.  This is the best setup for big air boosting.
  • Twintip Style – footpad positions central relative to handle, two 45mm fins on tail and nose like a standard twintip.  The board will ride well but will feel different to any other twintips out there.


The Mutant is provided as standard in Twintip Style (45mm Hype Fins (x4)) but 100mm fins or 30mm fins can be ordered via our Accessories page as an extra.

Now provided with single plastic washers instead of the double washers shown in the pictures.