Limited Edition (Prism)

£ 295.00£ 475.00

Limited edition graphics for a short time only!!

This ‘Prism’ graphic can be used with any of our standard kiteboard models (Spectrum, Rip Tide, Flare, Carbon Rip Tide or Carbon Flare).

Please note: Product images are for illustration purposes only.   The board’s top and bottom profile will depend on the model chosen from the drop-down menu.

Supplied with:   

  • 1 x Off Grid kiteboard handle
  • 1 x set of four G10 Hype 45mm symmetric fins (with the Spectrum, Rip Tide and Rip Tide Carbon models)
  • 1 x set of four G10 Trident 30mm symmetric fins (with the Flare and Flare Carbon models)
  • 1 x set of Off Grid footpads and straps
  • All fins, footpads and handles are supplied with 316 grade stainless steel mounting screws
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