Limited Edition (Blackout/Whiteout)

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Limited edition graphics for February 2019 only!!

Choose either the “Blackout” or “Whiteout” graphic to be used with any of our standard kiteboard models (Spectrum, Rip Tide, Flare, Carbon Rip Tide or Carbon Flare).

Please note: Product images are for illustration purposes only.   The board’s top and bottom profile will depend on the model chosen from the drop-down menu.

Supplied with:   

  • 1 x Off Grid kiteboard handle
  • 1 x set of four G10 Hype 45mm symmetric fins (with the Spectrum, Rip Tide and Rip Tide Carbon models)
  • 1 x set of four G10 Trident 30mm symmetric fins (with the Flare and Flare Carbon models)
  • 1 x set of Off Grid footpads and straps
  • All fins, footpads and handles are supplied with 316 grade stainless steel mounting screws
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